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TECSYS Healthcare Logistics System at Work

We believe that better healthcare supply chain management leads to better patient care. By working closely with hospitals and health systems, we help solve the unique problems they experience, and provide solutions that help them better manage their supply chains. When accurate fulfillment is at work, your front-line employees can provide great patient care. Everyone wins!

TECSYS Healthcare Logistics System Solves Problems

We've done the homework. We've extensively researched performance benchmarks between healthcare and other industries, identified the best supply chain practices and proven automation technologies, incorporated all the relevant healthcare regulations, and merged them together to provide solutions that close the capability and performance gaps that are restraining health systems for reaching world-class supply chain performance.

Our system is the only supply chain management platform designed specifically for healthcare with true end-to-end visibility and single point control of every item.

ITopia® helps health systems of all sizes unlock the power to design, review, and develop—all without a single line of code.

It incorporates best practices and all the capabilities you need to planIT, getIT, houseIT, moveIT, useIT and analyzeIT so that you can easily manage performance across the entire supply chain.

We Move Mountains to Deliver on Our Promises

Healthcare organizations enlist our help to advance new care delivery models that ensure quality care and patient satisfaction at a lower cost. Our 99.9% customer retention rate is a testimony to the fact that we do the job right the first time.

What Does This Mean for You?

With the TECSYS Healthcare Logistics System you can expect:

  • Improved bottom line with reclaimed revenue
  • Decreased stock wastage
  • Reduced materials management time spent on supply replenishment
  • Decreased clinical time spent on supply requisitions

Connect the disconnected with the best healthcare logistics software on the market. Call 800-922-8649 to set up your demo or a consultation.

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