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    Streamline™ Analytics


    Clear, concise, accurate data and dashboards to track and measure your organization’s performance anytime with Streamline™ Analytics.


    Trusted by industrial distribution leaders

    Optimize your supply chain performance with actionable insights

    Track and measure your organization’s performance in real time so you can make smarter and faster decisions.

    Flexible and Customizable 

    Generate and pull data as needed by date or using filters on sales representative, branch, sales group, customer, type or territory.

    Track Business Performance 

    Access key performance indicators and analytics from Finance and Operations so you can stay informed on profitability and growth and identify new opportunities.

    Complete Data Set on One Screen

    No need to switch between multiple screens — view and analyze data on Sales, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory all on a single screen.

    Drill Down to Source

    Real-time executive summary with extensive drill-down capability allowing you to quickly access the data you need.