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    Tecsys Security Trust Center


    Secure your digital assets with our robust supply chain solutions. Ensure corporate risk governance and gain peace of mind with our trusted infrastructure.

    Dedicated to Your Digital Security

    At Tecsys, we understand the importance of securing your supply chain software. Your trust is paramount to us, and we are dedicated to protecting your information. Our secure organizational structure and SaaS platform are engineered to shield your critical data from cyber threats, ensuring integrity, confidentiality and availability. Our information security and compliance program adheres to the industry's highest standards, enhancing your data's security and ensuring your peace of mind.




    Compliance Attestation and Framework 

    We rigorously protect our technology with advanced security and global compliance standards. Our solutions, including Elite™ and Omni™ retail solutions, adhere to SOC 2 standards, ensuring comprehensive security and reliability. We maintain PCI DSS compliance for the highest security in payment processing, and our healthcare products align with the DSCSA, safeguarding the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our commitment to data privacy is guided by GDPR and HIPAA regulations. We are committed to continuous investment in the most secure and compliant systems for our customers, ensuring the products we deliver not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks. 

    Information and Data Security  

    At Tecsys, we provide industry-leading information security for our customers, utilizing multi-layered defense strategies in both organizational technology and SaaS solutions. Our Information Security Office and Legal Team oversee compliance with data privacy and protection laws and ensure that proactive cyber risk assessments and quarterly updates to our audit committee keep us at the forefront of cybersecurity. Our commitment to security is underscored by our annual SOC2 Type 2 security audits. By partnering with top-tier auditing firms, we ensure the highest standards of data protection, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. Strong data security protocols, including encryption and restricted access, ensure customer data protection. Additionally, our staff undergoes rigorous background checks and continuous security training, underpinning Tecsys' dedication to the highest information security standards.

    SaaS Platform Security

    In our commitment to platform security and system integrity, we have integrated a full range of security controls within our SaaS solutions. This encompasses state-of-the-art encryption for data at rest and in transit, secure software development lifecycle practices and detailed application security testing. Our approach extends to network security, intrusion detection, endpoint security and privilege access management. Furthermore, our strategy includes robust data backup procedures, continuous monitoring for security incidents, diligent vulnerability management and comprehensive risk governance, all supported by thorough internal and third-party security audits.

    With a deep understanding of the importance of secure technology, Tecsys is committed to providing robust solutions that protect the integrity of our customers’ data as we help them transform their supply chains.

    - Sev Kelian, VP Information Security, Chief Information Security Officer

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