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Transform Your Healthcare Supply Chain

Growing your healthcare organization from good to great is a journey. Along the way, you’ve had to make practical, real-time decisions about your supply chain. But now, with increased demands on your organization to expand and improve patient care, you stand at a crossroads: you can’t just fix your supply chain, you have to transform it.

Tecsys is here to guide you. We’ll equip you with the software, tools and consulting you need to transform your healthcare supply chain.

We empower good organizations to be great.

From our first days more than 35 years ago, we have worked with pragmatic organizations who needed supply chain tools to realize their growth aspirations. As a company, this is our deepest intention.

By clarifying uncertainty in the supply chain.

As healthcare organizations grow, they increase in complexity. Often, their supply chain technologies create more uncertainty. Our uniqueness lies within clarifying what future is possible with a transformed supply chain.

To equip healthcare supply chain greatness.

We have seen how our tools can be a catalyst for realizing profound visions. Very simply: Healthcare Supply Chain transformation is a source for operational greatness.

So that good organizations have the space to thrive.

We believe that growing organizations that have been good stewards should have every opportunity to reach their aspirations. Ultimately, our vision is for the impact of good organizations thriving within communities.

Consolidated Service Center

Hospitals have specific needs when it comes to requisitioning, forecasting, meeting patient-centric deadlines, and collaborating with interdepartmental stakeholders. Visibility and control are paramount to operating more effectively with patients, staff, suppliers, and distributors, and add value to your hospitals, while continuing to meet the needs of healthcare users. As you progress towards the ultimate goal of self-distribution through a consolidated service center, Tecsys supports you throughout your journey, end-to-end.

NMHS Adopts Self-Distribution with Tecsys

Saves $8 Million Annually & Significantly Improves Service Levels

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“We are now buying in bulk from manufacturers compared to small quantities from distributors in the past. As a result, we have reduced our cost anywhere from 3% to over 25% on individual items and improved our fill rate to 99.98%.”
–Mike Switzer, Corporate Supply Chain Officer of NMHS

Transport & Delivery

No other transportation management system has been conceived, developed and deployed specifically and exclusively for the healthcare industry, exactingly responding to the unique needs of the delivery networks of hospitals and health systems. Helping to drive down transportation costs with a single, centralized, easy-to-use transportation management system, it suits healthcare transportation operations of any volume or complexity and requires almost no user training. Its capabilities can be adopted progressively, which allows health systems to build towards world-class transportation performance at their own pace.

Mercy/ROi World-class Logistics

Using technology ROi’s transportation team seamlessly integrates the warehouse, the hospital, and the courier services into a well designed holistic delivery network.

Hospital Inventory & Point of Use

In the healthcare industry, the Tecsys platform is the only solution on the market to reconcile every type of material, and every supply environment existent in a hospital. It has been designed to accommodate different material flows adapted to the various service areas in a hospital setting, based on item value, traceability needs, and status in a case-managed environment. This differentiated approach facilitates customization of the supply chain while significantly improving productivity and lowering process costs per item number, without appropriating clinical time better spent on patient care.

Cath Labs at Munson Healthcare

Captures and charges 25% more on the same procedure volume

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“After having implemented Tecsys solutions, we have been able to capture and charge 25% more on the same procedure volume.”
–Paul Kloss, Business Manager of Cardiac Cath Lab Munson Healtcare

Concord Hospital Case Study

Discover how Concord Hospital has streamlined its logistics activities and increased the accuracy of its supply replenishment processes

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Mercy Health Perioperative & Supply Chain

To address changing revenue models, healthcare leader Mercy needed a comprehensive assessment of perioperative performance and a plan to maintain the viability of this critical service line.

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It’s time to equip your healthcare supply chain greatness.

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