What defines BIG thinking?

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In the movie Big, Tom Hanks plays a child trapped in the body of a 30-year-old who challenges the status quo at a toy manufacturer. To the audience it all makes sense as the movie progresses – think like a kid when selling stuff to kids. How revolutionary! Yet the audience also relates to the adults who pretend to know what kids like.

For me, the big thinking in this movie is demonstrated by the creativity of a child whose mind is unencumbered by preconceptions.

Dr. David Schwartz, the author of a book entitled The Magic of Big Thinking, attempts to define big thinking. He explains that visualization adds value to everything and that thinking big means training oneself to see not just what is, but what can be. Author Malcolm Gladwell writes, “A visionary is a person that takes a white piece of paper and re-imagines the world”. The Internet is full of success stories of such visionaries.

Big thinkers must also be agents of change, otherwise their dreams are never realized. It may take many small steps with setbacks along the way.  Every small step is a victory to be celebrated. In distribution, big thinking means re-imagining how to deliver value to the customers. Big thinking in healthcare is re-imagining how best to deliver patient care.

It was big thinking here at Tecsys that led to the patent 8,839,132 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent covers the method and system for providing visual instructions in support of warehouse activities. Warehouse personnel are presented with a picture of which shelf to pick from and a visual of the pack, to ensure the correct unit of measure is picked. Now, add voice to the visual experience on a light, compact and portable device and you have stock picking re-imagined!

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