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Jean-Philippe Racette

Product Strategy Manager, Point-of-Use Solutions, TECSYS Inc.


I joined TECSYS in 2014 when TECSYS acquired Logi-D, an innovative company in the healthcare sector providing supply chain automation solutions. I’ve been building my expertise in healthcare point-of-use since 2008. During my tenure at TECSYS I’ve been involved in business development as well as product development strategy to ensure our solutions are market-driven. I work closely with the R&D team to define product alignment and ensure our products solve real-world customer challenges.

Vasco Kollokian

Product Manager, Analytics, AI, & Data Science Solutions, TECSYS Inc.


I have been a member of TECSYS’ Product Management team for a little over three years. Until recently, I was the Platform Product Manager where I oversaw platform development to help craft its next generation capabilities in line with the TECSYS vision and mission to solve customer problems. In my new role, I focus on leveraging new and innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), Advanced Analytics and Data Science to solve real-world SCM business problems.

Greg MacNeill

Senior Vice President, World Wide Sales, TECSYS Inc.


I joined TECSYS in 2005 when TECSYS acquired Application Solutions Inc. (ASI), where I was President and CEO. Prior to that, I held senior management roles in sales and business development for Ironside Technologies and other leading ERP companies. My areas of expertise include ERP software marketing, sales, and strategic business development. I’ve been successful in leading software and technology companies to achieve high levels of growth, market leadership, and customer satisfaction.


Bill Denbigh, Director, Business Development and Marketing, TECSYSBill Denbigh

Director, Business Development and Marketing, TECSYS Inc.


In the supply chain world, my special focus is on transportation and logistics management systems. I am particularly an advocate for excellent customer experience and supply chain solutions that stress accessibility and ease of use.


Marie Fournier, Director, Product Marketing and Business Development, DMS, TECSYSMarie Fournier

Director, Product Marketing and Business Development, DMS, TECSYS Inc.


My background in technology, first as a programmer and later as a systems analyst, has always been focused on developing financial and distribution applications. When I joined TECSYS in 1987, I was presented with the opportunity of overseeing the conceptual design of the EliteSeries Distribution Management Software (DMS). Since then I have spent thousands of hours working with distributors in various industries. This hands-on experience has led me to develop a keen interest in supply chain with an eye for “enabling technologies”.


Today my mandate is to continue to tune in to our markets in order to better align our solutions with our customers’ needs. I’m always on the lookout for ideas and solutions to build market opportunities for TECSYS and in turn for our valued customers.


As a contributor to the TECSYS blog and active member of the Canadian Supply Chain Council, my goal is to foster positive change by sharing information and stories from our customers, respected authors and organizations that promote excellence in distribution. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with me. Let’s travel the road to excellence together!


Mark Dubois, Senior WMS Business Analyst, TECSYS Inc.Mark Dubois

Senior WMS Business Analyst, TECSYS Inc.

I have been involved in warehousing for over 36 years in operations and application consulting as well as implementation. My experience in the industry ranges from food to medical distribution and hospital pharmacies for domestic and international companies in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. Since 1997, I have been contributing to the implementation and development of WMS solutions for healthcare and high-volume distribution companies for such customers as McKesson Health, Cardinal Health, Robinson Home Products, Hagen, and many others.


Jim (James) Moffat, Director, Cloud Services, TECSYSJim (James) Moffat

Director, Cloud Services, TECSYS Inc.


I joined TECSYS more than 20 years ago and have worked in software development, systems analysis, project management, client sales, and professional services before embarking on the role of director of TECSYS Cloud Services. My experience in TECSYS’ R&D, Customer Delivery, and Customer Services organizations make me familiar with all aspects of TECSYS’ Global Operations. For the past three years, I have been a leader in TECSYS’ rapidly-evolving cloud operations and strategies.


John Reichert, Senior Director, Client Solutions, TECSYSJohn Reichert

Senior Director, Client Solutions, TECSYS Inc.


I specialize in supply chain management with a special focus on warehouse management systems (WMS). My career encompasses more than twenty-five years of strategic and operational experience at both ends of the spectrum; as a consumer and also as a supplier, in product development, product management and deployment of WMS systems for domestic and international companies in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. Since 1998, I have been contributing to the development and marketing of WMS solutions for healthcare and high-volume distribution companies for such customers as McKesson Health, LifeScience Logistics, Cardinal Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Canon U.S.A., Humana and many others.


Nancy Pakieser, Director, Product Marketing and Business Development, TECSYSNancy Pakieser

Director, Product Marketing and Business Development, TECSYS Inc.


I started my career as a Radiologic Technologist, working over 10 years in both acute care and outpatient settings. I carried the lessons of my clinical experience with me into business, developing my marketing expertise while working with supply storage systems, medical devices, therapy delivery and software solutions. This has shaped my personal and professional drive to bring products and services to the market that enhance the delivery of care to patients.


At TECSYS, my focus is on maintaining client and industry relationships, supporting our R&D projects, and identifying business development opportunities in healthcare as its supply chain management function continues to change. I am the TECSYS representative for a number of industry organizations including The Board of the Arizona State University Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium (HSRC), the Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) Technology Opportunities Initiative Team, and the GS1 Hospital Implementation Work Group.


As both a former clinician and healthcare supplier, I know my way around the US healthcare system. Supply chain issues that relate to healthcare, especially the US healthcare market, are my sweet spot. I look forward to discussing them with you.


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